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Feb 3, 2021 | Corques Liquid Lino

Why do you call Corques Liquid “seamless?”

Corques liquid Lino fluid Applied Resilient Floorings Instillation technique allows us to install a resilient floor with no seams. The product is supplied in buckets as opposed to rolls and mixed on site, fluid applied to the floor then troweled smooth.  From wall to wall and from 100sf to 1,000,000,000sf Corques liquid Lino can be installed with no seams at all.

Why would I want a floor without seams?

For Medical/healthcare/ long-term care/Education seams on floors are of a particular concern. Heat welded, butt joined and loose laid seams can separate over time. Usually these separations go undetected for long periods which allows dangerous pathogens and mold to grow. This dangerous situation can lead to an increase in Hospital Aquired infections. Seams are also not aesthetically pleasing to the eye. A seam across a floor changes the visual perception of an area breaking it up and can cause hesitation in those that are crossing them this in turn can lead to hazardous trips and fall.

How do you clean Corques Liquid lino?

No special cleaners, pads, equipment or techniques are required to maintain Corques Liquid Lino. Dry sweeping to remove dust, mopping with a neutral cleaner and the use of an auto scrubber with a white or red pad when required is all that is required to maintain the floor. Follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Does Corques Liquid lino require on-going waxing/sealing?

There is no need to seal or wax Corques liquid Lino. The final step in the Corques Liquid lino install is an application of a top coat that is designed to last. This top coat is available in a matte or sem-gloss finish

What is Corques liquid lino made of?

We care about the environment, Corques Liquid lino is a blend of all natural, self-sustainable materials. They include; cork, wood flour, limestone Powder and select vegetable oils such as Castor oil and Linseed oil.

What happens to Corques liquid lino at the end of its lifecycle?

All of the materials used to create Corques Liquid lino are 100% Biodegradable.

Can I install Corques liquid lino over my existing hard surface floors?

Yes there are times when Corques Liquid lino may be applied over sound durable surfaces. Please inquire.

What is the Corques liquid lino installation technique?

Corques liquid lino is supplied to the jobs site in 33 lb buckets. The substrate is prepared using standard floor preparation techniques. A primer is applied to the floor and then the Corques liquid lino is mixed and poured onto the substrate, trowled smooth, pin rolled and allowed to cure for 6-8hrs. After the cure time an application of a top coat is applied and cured for 24hrs. After cure the floor can be opened for traffic.

How long does it take to install Corques liquid Lino?

Corques Liquid lino installs at an amazingly fast rate of 1000sf/hr and up to 15000sf/day with one crew. Case study: 4000sf of standard sheet vinyl in a medical setting would take up to two weeks to install. We can install Corques liquid Lino in the same area in only 4hrs!!! After 6-8 hours a top coat is applied and then the floor is ready for service in 24hours. Nothing compares to it.

How much does it cost to install Corques Liquid Lino?

Corques Liquid Lino can vary in price and is dependent on the job size. The price is an all in price and includes basic floor prep, supply of Corques liquid lino and instillation.  Pricing is comparable to other Healthcare flooring. Please call to discuss your project.

Can anyone install a Corques liquid lino floor?

Due to the fluid applied technique associated with this product Corques Liquid lino can only be purchased, supplied and installed by a Duracryl Certified installer.

What type of floor prep is required for Corques liquid lino?

Preparation for a Corques Liquid lino floor is very similar to that of a standard sheet vinyl floor. The substrate must be sound, level and dry. Cracks and holes should be filled with the appropriate repair material. A moisture mitigation system is also necessary especially on slab on grade.

When I hear “Fluid Applied Flooring” I think of hard epoxy/Urethane Floors. What makes Corques Liquid lino different?

Duracryl International has invented a new technique to produce linoleum on site. By adding an extra sustainable vegetable oil binder to the linoleum mix it is now possible to pour liquid linoleum. This extra binder creates a hybrid hardening within hours. The binder is based on natural renewable oil and works with and next to the linseed oil. All other materials of this liquid lino are the same as the ones of the linoleum made in a factory. All known and proven characteristics of classic linoleum are now being improved with a labor friendly installation (approx. 15 kg), no joints, but seamless, no cutting losses, no maximum roll lengths, a high flexural strength and a high chemical resistance. Furthermore is the product hardening without external warmth and within hours. The final product is a soft, forgiving, durable and easy to maintain resilient floor!

Is there an integral cove base available for areas that require them by code?

Durabase is our solution for a seamless cove base. Durabase is made form 100% recycled plastic water bottles. Our Durabase is applied to the wall first and then the Corques liquid lino is poured up the 2mm lip; chemically bonding and leaving a seamless connection. No welding is required.

Is silicone required around doors and thresholds?

Corques Liquid Lino bonds directly to door frames and other surrounding finishes, there is no need for any silicones or caulks.

Can I use this in a warehouse setting?

Corques liquid lino is very durable however we do not recommend installing it in areas where forklifts are used or where large amounts of grease are a concern such as a commercial kitchen.

What type of adhesives are used to install Corques liquid lino?

Corques Liquid lino is completely self-adhering thus requires no adhesives! This is very beneficial for the environment and to air quality.

What are the main differences between Corques Liquid lino and sheet resilient floors?

There are many differences between Corques liquid lino and Sheet flooring however the two main differences are the fluid applied installation technique and the fact Corques liquid lino can be installed without SEAMS!! The second is the extremely fast install rate of 1000sf/hr. and 15000sf/day.


It has never been more important to provide clean, safe and functional Healthcare settings.  There are numerous studies available from many different authors detailing the hazards associated with flooring seams in hospital/medical and long-term care homes. Along with seams there is also a concern caused by off gassing from the ingredients used in the manufacturing if the actual flooring material. The adhesives and sealers required to install sheet goods can also be very harmful to humans and the environment.

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How durable is Corques liquid lino?

Corques liquid lino is extremely durable and comes with a 10 year warranty. The expected life expectancy is 30 years. However there are a lot of factors that can change this

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