Wayburn Terrazzo Spotlight Project

May 10, 2022 | Terrazzo Flooring

Vadel is proud to announce the completion of a 15000sf site finished Epoxy Terrazzo floor for the City of Weyburn Saskatchewan. Completed in June 2021 and located in Jubilee Park this multi-generational space includes the Weyburn Leisure Centre, 1.5 km of paved pathways, baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, football fields, tennis courts, playground and outdoor rink. Owned by Southeast Cornerstone School Division and Designed by Group 2 Architecture Regina and built by Wright Construction this space has been designed to last.

Keeping with worldwide environmental goals Terrazzo was chosen as the main floor for this space. The project involved three different combinations of rock, glass mixtures added to one consistent epoxy matrix color. By using the same epoxy color and slightly altering the add mixture the changes are dramatic yet subtle. The install included the main hallways, entrances, stairwell and also main feature staircase in the school. The community center saw the Terrazzo used in all of the common areas and washrooms.

The Terrazzo floor offers a seamless design combined with ease of maintenance and will last the life of the building without the need to be replaced. If over time the Terrazzo does show wear it can be refinished as opposed to being replaced like other flooring types.

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