Corques Liquid Lino Offers Many Benefits for the Healthcare Environment

Feb 3, 2021 | Corques Liquid Lino

Reduced patient falls and injuries

Corques Liquid lino offers excellent slip resistance properties SLIP RESISTANCE DIN 51130 • R9 Corques standard / R11 upon request EN • 13893 • DS: ≥ 0,30 • Meets or exceeds the industry recommendation of >0.5 for flat surface  when tested in accordance with ASTM D-2047.

A slightly mottled appearance and texture allow dirt and water to drain off the walking surface, increasing traction and slip resistance. By using Corques Liquid lino you eliminate all seams on the floor thus visually opening up the area and preventing the hesitation that can be associated with approaching floor seams.

Reduced risk of hospital-acquired infections

Corques Liquid lino has a natural resistance to bacteria and fungi when tested in accordance with AATCC 100-2004 standard method. Corques Liquid Lino meets or exceeds many chemical resistance specifications. Seamless installations meet strict hygiene requirements. In addition, Corques Liquid lino is self-adhering and installed without the use of toxic adhesives which not only harm air quality adhesives can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. Sheet products require different types of welds to create a monolithic floor.   However over time these welds and joints can separate allowing water and containments to penetrate underneath the floor.  Corques Liquid lino is fluid applied and requires no seaming or welding and is the world’s only true Fluid Applied Seamless resilient Flooring. The Fluid applied nature of Corques Liquid Lino allows the instialation of a resilient floor with absolutely no seams. For areas that require the use of an integral cove base Durabase is available. Durabase is applied to the wall first and then the Corques Liquid Lino is poured up to the base chemically bonding without the need for welding of a seam.

Reduced patient stress through environmental noise control

Corques liquid Lino absorbs ambient noise and reduces the sounds of rolling carts and footsteps to create a more peaceful environment. This is especially important in numerous areas of the sospital because some patients are particularly susceptible to loud noise.

Create a positive work environment

Corques Liquid lino provides additional cushion underfoot. This reduces leg and back fatigue, thus increasing the comfort of caregiver staff who spend most of their work day on their feet. The seamless design also allows wheeled carts, IV poles and wheelchairs to glide effortlessly across the floor without the “bump” associated with flooring that has been welded. Corques Liquid Lino offers a seamless floor from wall to wall.

Positive influence on healing

Corques liquid lino is available if a wide array of color combinations which allow you to enhances a variety of décor themes and styles. Organic patterns help hide stains caused by spills of common medical chemicals, as well as scuff marks, helping to prevent interiors from looking worn or tired. Wayfinding is easily achieved using Corques liquid lino.

Environmental advantages

Corques is made from natural raw materials making it a preferable ecological floor covering. The key raw materials include linseed oil, which comes from the flax plant seeds, Castor oil from the castor bean or castor oil-plant, a species of a flowering plant, recycled cork flour, cork particles and limestone. Because of the natural raw materials used Corques is biodegradable.

Corques liquid lino does not require on going waxing or sealing this makes maintenance very easy and also ensures that no harmful chemicals are being released into the environment. Corques Liquid lino’s environmentally friendly characteristics help meet credit points (LEED v4) for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, which means it’s not only good for the environment, but it’s good for business as well.

Improved indoor environmental quality

Air quality is a major concern in healthcare environments and may be affected by off-gassing from the flooring material itself, the adhesives or from surface coatings and materials like wax and strippers. The low-maintenance nature of Corques Liquid Lino flooring also helps specifiers minimize environmental pitfalls. Corques liquid Lino contains no VOC’s, PVCs or plasticizers, no off-gassing and is LEED, BREEM and Red List Free.

Improved life-cycle costs and benefits

Corques Liquid lino is designed to last! Offering a 10 year warranty and a 30 year life expectancy (declare international living institute) and because it requires no waxing, costly and time-consuming efforts are not expended for its maintenance and upkeep. This longer life-cycle also dramatically reduces the costs and inconvenience of replacement—especially critical in a hospital, which operates 24/7/365. Corques Liquid lino is competitively priced against similar sheet flooring products. The ability to apply another layer of Courques Liquid lino without removal of the existing allows a faster return to service during a renovation over traditional sheet flooring which require long complicated installation. With an amazing install rate of 1000sf/hr up to 15000 sf/day of Corques Liquid Lino can be installed in one day!

Reduced stress through ease of wayfinding

It is easy to create unlimited custom graphic and design options that can be used for wayfinding techniques, which allow patients and visitors to navigate easily and without confusion through the hospital. This can be completed using the standard flooring material or by tinting the top coat application.

Improved life-cycle costs and benefits

Corques liquid Lino is water tight and impervious to water and the unavoidable spills and stains, and is easily buffed to a shine. And because no waxing is required, maintenance costs are substantially less than other hard flooring options. Corques Liquid linos properties allow it to “bounce back” against heavy weight from rolling carts and gurneys, as well as prolonged traffic. Classified under CLASS 43 INDUSTRIAL HEAVY Minimum thickness 2.5 mm Corques Liquid linos dense composition improves the product’s long-term life-cycle benefits.

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