Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo Flooring

Terrazzo provides the highest standard in an environmentally sustainable product, with limitless & unique design capabilities using green, recycled materials terrazzo can contribute up to 7 LEED points. Terrazzo is a great flooring option as it is a long lasting flooring option that is durable & low maintenance. Terrazzo is one of the oldest and most decorative type of flooring and was originally invented by the Venetian Construction Workers. It is a composite material, consisting of a binder, which can be cement, polyacrylate or epoxy, into which marble, granite or glass chips are added. At Vadel, we normally break Terrazzo into two different groups terrazzo restoration and terrazzo floor installation on new construction projects

Terrazzo New Construction


In a new installation of Terrazzo, we closely work with our clients to find the best colours and designs to suit their space and imagination. Once this is complete, we bring the image to life through placing and finishing the new Terrazzo floor.

Terrazzo Flooring Restoration


Since Terrazzo has been around for hundreds of years, there are existing Terrazzo floors that require restoration, since even though it is considered one of the most durable flooring finishes, it still deteriorates with age. During the restoration, we breathe new life into a existing floor and restore it to how it would of looked when it was a new floor.



Our quest for the perfect surface began many years ago when our research and development department teamed up with our in- house artist and carefully researched the reasons, definitions and purpose of what a surface should encompass. By assessing current market trends and the need for a surface that can be utilized throughout a project, Vadazzo Precast Products were imagined to offer the next level of creativeness.
Each Artisan Vadazzo Precast Product is carefully handcrafted in our Calgary plant by our passionate team members. Our innovative staff searched the globe for sustainable products to incorporate into our designs. By effusing our custom blend of recycled glass and aggregate into our designs, a surface is created that is perfect in FORM-FASHION-FUNCTION & FUTURE.


Vadazzo Precast Products are composed of balanced elements infused together in a special matrix designed for, but not limited to, Showers, Counter Tops, Wall Features, Window Sills, Wainscoting, Handrails, Stairs and so much more.


Our product are designed to last. Water proof, stain 0.75″ —_and scratch resistant.


Choose from our standard sizes or have one of our knowledgeable staff members help you create your own custom size or color.


Vadazzo Precasts offer the user the opportunity to create areas that are seamless eliminating the need for grout and silicone. No seams also mean no moisture can affect the delicate substrate over time.


Limitations can be binding so why would we limit you? It can be hard to find the perfect product for 0.75″ —_- your project so Vadazzo offers you the ability to fully customize your project ideas.
*Please note that custom products will have any f extended production time as well as a surcharge. Please inquire to ensure prompt delivery.


Due to the specific nature of our products, please allow 4-6 weeks for production and delivery. These times may vary depending on quantity needed and ioe WEIGHT which elements are required to create your masterpiece.


Our products are designed to be installed by qualified installers using standard setting techniques and ioe TOLERANCE materials. We are here to help ensure that the installation process goes as smooth as possible.


Truck, semi-trailer, boat.

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