Why Vadel?


More than 15 years...

Vadel, is built on more than fifteen years of integrity and excellence in the construction industry. We provide our clients with more than high-quality applications.

Satisfied Clients

We build long term relationships, satisfied clients, neighborhoods, and sustainable community.

Durable, Quality Flooring

At the root of our organizational values is the dedication to always use quality flooring materials with professional installation. We stand behind our flooring products and guarantee the longevity, durability, and functionality of the products and services we offer

Environmentally Friendly

Our company has always been committed to the responsible use of environmentally friendly materials, with environmental sustainability being an integral part of our business model.


Floors are an important part of everyday life, in both industrial areas and private residences. As well as looking good, a floor also needs to be functional. The glossy concrete surface is not just aesthetically pleasing-it brings a host of other benefits too.

Hard and Resistant

Our methods take an already hard material and increase the surface and abrasion resistance to a level where the concrete surface is extremely resistant to wear and marking.

Durable and cost efficient

Our concrete polishing system significantly increases durability and reduces the life cycle maintenances costs. The absence of a surface coating reduces costs traditionally associated with flooring installations. The result is a smoother surface with reduced cleaning costs.

Light reflective

In addition to reduced maintenance cost, there is also the added benefit of reduced lighting requirements, a result of the higher light reflectivity of the surface.

Environmentally sensible

We can transform existing concrete substrate into a wear-resistant floor. The process incorporates the use of products that cause very little environmental stress or waste.

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