Maintenance procedure

Polished Concrete Care & Maintenance


With proper maintenance, the life cycle cost of polished concrete makes it one of the most affordable flooring systems. Polished concrete is created with mechanical processing combined with a reactive densification process and optional stain guard application. These steps are what greatly increase maintenance costs, but are often forgotten when pricing a flooring system.

Contaminants and threats that can affect your polished concrete floor:

General Maintenance


Dry sweep or microfiber mop1 the floor of dirt and debris.


Mop or auto-scrub2 (fitted with red or white pads or soft brushes3) the surface with a cleaner designed for polished concrete and thoroughly vacuum.

Monthly / Quarterly

Following cleaning, buff the floor with a high-speed burnisher4 fitted with a diamond grit pad5 recommended for your floor. This pad will remove scratches and surface stains


Re-application of a stain resistor or finish guard may be applied for best stain protection. Consult your flooring installer for products compatible with the initial treatment.

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