Traffic Floor Coatings

Traffic Coatings are specialty coatings which are installed in order to provide protection for high traffic areas like decks, walkways, roof walking areas and balconies. In turn this protection will lower maintenance costs, prolong the service life of substrates, and prevent scaling and spalling while providing excellent crack-bridging capabilities to prevent leaks. There are many types of systems available varying in thickness requirements, type of system, flexibility, colour, and texture.

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Vehicular and Pedestrian

These elastomeric coatings are waterproof, seamless, flexible, and durable. They come with embedded aggregates to make them slip- resistant, yet they offer a composition that is friendly to the environment.

These coatings will provide protection against damaging effects of water, deicing salts, chemicals, gasolines, oils and antifreeze.


  • Excellent Durability
  • UV Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

Mechanical Room Coatings

Mechanical Room Coatings are installed in order to protect the concrete substrate. It will also prolong the substrate’s service life and prevent leaks into or through the concrete substrate which can cause re-bar to rust and damage the structure, public areas and equipment.