Industrial Flooring

At Vadel, we work with long-lasting and durable industrial flooring products. Each industrial floor that we supply and install is completely custom, designed to suit each properties unique floorplan, characteristics and flooring needs. We have been installing quality industrial flooring for manufacturing, hospitals, warehouses, municipal buildings, and offices for years, always providing industry leading products and customer services. Our industrial flooring professional can assist in establishing the best flooring alternative for your industrial space.

Our knowledge and expertise working with polished concrete, high gloss epoxy and traffic coatings allow us to find the floor that is best suited for you.

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Industrial Flooring Installation

At Vadel, we make sure we work with property owners and contractors to install the proper industrial floor. In the industrial sector, functionality is the most important factor, a floor needs to be durable and long-lasting and serve as the base of the business. We make sure to understand the needs of the industrial space, finding and installing the best-suited system. If you are conducting construction of an industrial space, contact Vadel for information on industrial flooring alternatives and installation.

Industrial Flooring Restoration

Industrial flooring is subject to the same wear and tear as any other flooring system, industrial flooring is an integral part of the business, and like any other piece of equipment, it is vital to the success of the industrial facility. Vadel provides quality industrial flooring restoration and industrial flooring remediation to ensure that your industrial space is always running at an optimal level, and the flooring system supporting it has the longevity, durability, and functionality your business demands of a flooring system.

Industrial Flooring Maintenance

Occasional maintenance is always recommended for industrial flooring systems, no matter the material used or the warranty regular industrial flooring maintenance will ensure that a floor will withstand the test of time, and can prevent further or future damages from occurring. To protect the integrity of your industrial flooring we recommend regular maintenance to maintain the esthetics and functionality for years to come.