Commercial Flooring

At Vadel, we install quality commercial flooring systems for retail stores, mechanical garages, restaurants, offices and more. Our professional installers can assist with the floor selection, design, and products needed to optimize your commercial space.

Each commercial flooring system we instal is built custom, providing unique benefits that are tailored for specific purposes. Terrazzo flooring is the ideal solution for decorative flooring in an office space or lobby, polished concrete works for large surface areas requiring little to no maintenance. If you are looking for a quality commercial epoxy, terrazzo or polished concrete flooring then contact Vadel. We work with building owners and qualified contractors to supply and install the flooring that is best suited to the needs of your business and/or property.

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Commercial Flooring Installation

Vadel supplies and installs a variety of commercial flooring options. We work with contractors and building owners to instal the flooring solution that best matches the needs and budget of their commercial space. We have experience working on a number of new construction projects, assisting with the proper installation of epoxy coatings, polished concrete and terrazzo flooring ensuring that the floor not only looks great but has the long-lasting functionality and durability we guarantee. Contact Vadel for your commercial flooring installation questions.

Commercial Flooring Restoration

Commercial flooring is like anything, there is a designated lifecycle, and no matter which materials were used during the installation occasional restoration or remediation is needed to maintain the floors esthetics. Whether your commercial property is in need of minor commercial flooring repairs, reinstallation or minor restoration our team of professionals will assists in restoring your commercial flooring to its original beauty.

Commercial Flooring Maintenance

Occasional maintenance is always recommended for any commercial flooring system to ensure the floors longevity, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Many of the flooring options we provide will last decades if properly maintained. Our floor maintenance services ensure the floor is properly taken care of to increase its lifecycle, and keep it looking new. For more information on our commercial flooring maintenance services contact Vadel.