Vadel is a provider of premier flooring systems, based out of Calgary Alberta we have been supplying Western Canada with concrete remediation and flooring toppings services since 2003. We have an unmatched eye for detail and specialize in a variety of commercial, residential and industrial flooring options ranging from Polished Concrete, Terrazzo to Epoxy Flooring. We operate from a progressive, pro-active stance and relentlessly strive to be the best within our area of expertise.  We pride ourselves on the quality and timeliness of our work just as importantly our stellar safety record.

Our commitment to you is devoting ourselves to demanding values and standards which we understand is utterly important in a successful organization. We never deliver less than what we have agreed to as we understand this cannot prevail unless everyone holds themselves accountable. In a field where every job presents unique technical challenges, our solution focused approach means that we research and prepare carefully and leave no problem unresolved.


Vadel, is built on more than fifteen years of integrity and excellence in the construction industry. We provide our clients with more than high quality applications. We build long term relationships, satisfied clients, neighborhoods, and sustainable communities.


Our safety program that drives our employees toward the company’s commitment to achieving safe working environment; preventing damage to property; and maintaining an environmentally friendly and sustainable workplace.




Depends on sustaining our environment, the people in our company and communities, and our business. Our company has always been committed to the responsible use of environmentally friendly materials, in fact, environmental sustainability is an integral part of our business model. We have chosen to be an environmentally friendly enterprise for both ethical and economic reasons. The three components of our business that are key to our environmental sustainability are the people we hire, the performance we achieve, the environment we are part of and the customers we continue to service.